Flower Pearl Ring
Flower Pearl Ring
Flower Pearl Ring
Flower Pearl Ring
Flower Pearl Ring

Flower Pearl Ring

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  • Flower Pearl Ring
  • Pearl Colors: White
  • Luster: Marvelous
  • Pearl Size: 5.0-10.0 mm
  • Pearl Shape: Petal-Shape Baroque Shape
  • Ring Size: Adjustable
  • Setting Material: 14K Gold Filled

Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes.

Baroque pearls were highly prized by Renaissance jewelers, who saw them not as misshapen products of sea mollusks but rather as unique and exquisite natural forms. They were often used in pieces of jewelry to form the bodies of figures. A superb example is a piece from the 16th century known as the Canning Jewel (Victoria and Albert Museum, London), in which a large baroque pearl is used for the torso of a sea figure having the body of a man and the tail of a fish, the whole mounted in enameled gold set with pearls, rubies, and diamonds.